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Where the Bison Roam eTrip

It is survival by thermal area! An active heat source in parts of Yellowstone National Park creates a high concentration of thermal features, influencing the habitat of the park’s wildlife. This wilderness drama focuses on the migration of a young bison in a snow-bound Yellowstone landscape, and explores why the park’s thermal areas offer both critical winter habitat and dire hazards. In this trip, the Yellowstone Ministry of Mysteries tracks a young bison and discusses how she is affected by the park’s thermal areas.

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  • Flash: Animations and illustrations bring the program to life, while video clips feature discussions of the park’s wildlife and stunning scenes of Yellowstone in the winter. Suitable for high bandwidth. Get Adobe Flash Player.
  • HTML: Suitable for low bandwidth.
  • Audio-Only: Suitable for low bandwidth. 

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Accessibility Information

The audio-only version of the program does not require a screen reader. It provides a more engaging version of the program than a screen reader can provide and includes brief descriptions of the graphics, along with the script narration, read by professional voices.

While the Flash (high bandwidth) version can be navigated with a screen reader, the audio will start playing as soon as each page loads. This makes the HTML (low bandwidth) version preferable for use by screen readers. The text can be hidden or displayed and enlarged for increased readability.

The HTML version has no audio and is the recommended version for screen reader users. The text can be enlarged for increased readability.

Links to all of the transcripts for individual video clips are provided.

Originally published October 2005

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