Windows into Wonderland

Please Note:

We have updated the Windows Into Wonderland website for a better user experience. Because the eTrips were created with older technology, we have had to include some of the videos and activities outside of the eTrip. Please make the students aware that the affected videos and exercises are listed by page number below the eTrip. The student should use the links below the eTrip on the listed pages rather than the outdated links in the eTrip. Thank you!


The Windows into Wonderland electronic field trips (eTrips) are designed for students in grades 5-8, although younger and older students will also benefit from them.

Most eTrips offer audio and video components. If your computer has difficulties with these options, select the more basic version. Some field trips require Flash.

If this is your first visit to this website, check out Park Orientation

The For Teachers links within each field trip provides lesson plans, activities, and links aligned with National Education Standards to prepare students and reinforce the eTrip experience. 

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